Women & Weed

Posted: Nov 03 2017

women and weed


Guess what! On Tuesday, November 7th in Toronto, Van der Pop will launch in Canada with a speaker series event highlighting cannabis-related topics from wellness to design to entrepreneurship. Speakers include Brandi Leifso (Founder of Evio Beauty Group- YAYYY!), Olivia Haris (Creative Director at LEVO), and Barinder Rasode (Executive Director at The National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education).


Here's a quick glance of what Brandi thinks about women & weed.


Why are you planning to launch a cannabis-centric beauty line?

There are so many benefits to cannabis when used topically; it reduces inflammation, fights bacteria and has anti-aging abilities. However, the cosmetics industry is generally very conservative with very traditional consumer patterns. As of late, the cosmetics industry is going through a big shake-up, with indie brands taking a large market share, along with "green" beauty making it's way to the mainstream with increased knowledge of product ingredients. We're grateful to be making our mark in the conservative, green and indie spectrums of the market as the "scrappy" beauty company that is willing to take risks. Because of our network in the cannabis space and our edgy voice in the beauty space, we strongly believe that we're a good fit to be of the few beauty brands to pioneer the benefits of cannabis in the conservative beauty space.


What was your relationship to cannabis prior to starting to work on a cannabis brand?

My best friend, Natasha Raey, has worked in the cannabis industry for years and by default, I've found myself spending time in this space socially and professionally. Natasha has been a driving force behind women in cannabis and was a founding member of Lift Cannabis, a leading Canadian resource for exploring, buying, and using medical cannabis. By coincidence, prior to conceiving the thought of a cannabis line collaboration with a Canadian LP, Paul Rosen joined our advisory board at Evio Beauty Group Ltd. Over the last five years, Paul has become one of Canada’s most active and diversified investors in the emerging cannabis industry. Personally, I've been exploring and enjoying the benefits of cannabis-infused personal care products for some time.


What do you feel most passionately about when it comes to connecting women with cannabis?

Love this question! It's really inspiring to see an industry emerging with so many women in leadership roles. The industry is full of tenacious people who are willing to take risks and be incredibly resilient along the way. I can relate to that. I'm fuelled by surrounding myself with like-minded women. In the cosmetics industry, men hold the majority of leadership roles. Ironic, isn't it, in an industry that's consumer base is 98% female?! I think we have a lot to learn from women in cannabis.


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