4 Activities To Help Destress

Posted: Oct 23 2017

4 ways to destress

Stress is a big problem in the modern age, and it can cause all sorts of different conditions, both mental and physical.


It’s very important to actively work on lowering our stress levels. Let’s face it – nobody can avoid stress! Life is not meant to always be perfect, and there will always be something that is not going well, unexpected things happen, and the more we work on managing stress, the easier it will be to handle all these situations.


I’ve been in countless stressful situations, some more, some less, and what I’ve learned is that keeping your mind focused on something else usually helps relieve some of the stress-related problems, like an elevated heartbeat, anxiety, and the worst one – overthinking. We’ve all been there, you have a problem and can’t stop thinking about it and worrying, even when it’s out of your hands.


These are some activities that work for me to keep my mind occupied and relieve some of the stress. Don’t worry, your brain still works on solving any problem you may have, just subconsciously. These may not all be for you but may give you an idea of what sort of activities to choose.


Enjoy The Nature

Connecting with nature really helps me relax. If you’re a more physical person, going for a hike could help, too, since you have to focus on the trail and can’t think about other things.


Arts, Crafts, and Languages

Another thing where you have to keep focused is arts. You don’t even have to be great at it, as long as you consider it fun and it won’t cause additional stress. You can choose to learn to play an instrument, take a dance or painting class, a craft, a new language, do jigsaw puzzles at home, anything that interests you. It’s better if it’s something new, because you really have to focus as a beginner, occupying your mind.


Buddha Board

A great product I discovered is the Buddha board. You basically “paint” with water on it, and the picture slowly disappears, making it great even for those not good at painting (like me). It helps with letting go – you can write down your problems, and watch them slowly fade away. It’s a true Zen experience.


Work Out A Sweat

If you think I will recommend going to the gym, you’re wrong. I believe running on a treadmill and similar gym activities give you too much time to think, since they don’t require much focusing on the activity at hand. Why not try martial arts? Even as an adult and a beginner, there are many easier ones that are suitable for everyone. I recommend Aikido, since it’s low impact, or taking a self-defence class, which will improve your self-confidence, too.


How do you deal with stress? Did you try any of these activities?


Reviewed By Spacey

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