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How natural is it?

We care about your health. When we describe our products as being natural, we are referring to the fact that they include ingredients that are plant-based, mineral-based, are not chemically altered, and are deemed safe, effective and beneficial for use on the skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and whatever goes on it is absorbed into the bloodstream….so  we want to make sure that we use the gentlest and safest of ingredients.

Not to mention, this is the only skin you will ever have, LOVE it and treat it good! :)

At least 90% of ingredients in Evelyn Iona products are natural or plant based in origin. 


How organic is it? 

We care about the environment. When we describe ingredients as being organic, we mean that they are agricultural product farmed without the use of the following substances which pose potential harm to the environment and/or to the human body: synthetic chemicals (e.g. fertilizerpesticides, antibioticsfood additives, etc.), genetically modified organisms, irradiation, and sewage sludge

At least 70% of our ingredients are organic. 

Is it Vegan? 

Our products are critter friendly. (see individual product descriptions for our vegan options), and we never test on animals.

Do you Test on Animals?

We NEVER test on animals and NEVER will. 

Is it good for your skin?

We care about your skin and skin sensitivities. All our products contain some kind of natural and organic oil(s). Emollient oils are moisturizers that work to prevent skin’s water loss, helps skin cells on the surface of the skin to repair, plumps up fine lines, and brightens dull-looking skin.

The emollients used in Evelyn Iona Cosmetics are natural oils like coconut oil and jojoba oil…all of which contain skin-essential fatty acids, are anti-inflammatory and/or antioxidant in nature and promote healthy skin.

There are NO petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, or synthetic chemicals in our products…all of which pose potential harm to the skin and body.

Is it good for sensitive skin? or allergies? 

The ingredients we use, such as emollient oils, are safer for people who are prone to skin and/or eye irritation, allergic reactions, or breakouts. Many people with sensitive skin have had tremendous success using our eye and face makeup when they would normally have reacted to such products.


What kind of Preservatives do you use?

We care about the integrity of our products. We want to ensure that our makeup works well and keeps its freshness for ongoing use. In order for that to happen we have to use preservatives. It sounds bad…but we found a healthy solution: natural herb and seed extracts.

Is it chemical and parabens free? 

We do not use chemical preservatives traditionally found in cosmetics, such as parabens, that can be harmful (even carcinogenic) to the skin and body. We only use all-natural preservatives made of plant extracts, such as Citrus Grandis (grape fruit) seed extract and Rosmarinus Officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, to extend our products’ shelf life.