from the bottom

At Evelyn Iona, our mission is to build a community through products women use every single day. We believe in creating change through small, conscious, consistent actions that eventually lead to big results. Evelyn Iona came to life while our founder was living in a women’s shelter, where we learned first-hand the positive impact thoughtful, conscious choices have on our skin, planet, and community.

Together we can create a new standard of living that promotes kindness without compromising quality.

Conscious living is not a trend, but a movement led by thoughtful consumers like you.

The Future

is conscious

Conscious consumer: A social movement that is based around increased awareness of the impact of purchasing decisions on the environment, consumers, supply chain, health and lifestyle.

Where competition ends, collaboration begins.

Our Story

shared to inspire

Evelyn Iona is not just another beauty brand. We are founded with the mission to build an empowered community of women through products that you use every single day.

We don't follow trends. Only timeless, quality products that work.

Our Manufacturing

is ethical & cruelty-free

All of our manufacturing is done in North American facilities that never test on animals. We build strong relationships with our partners and visit the facilities frequently to understand every step and to ensure every product lives up to our conscious values.

We have personally stood on the assembly line and labeled more than 100,000 products.

Our Prices

skip the middle man.

We keep our prices affordable by connecting with you directly and collaborating with like-minded companies.

We also donate $1 from every product you buy to women's organizations.