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The Evelyn Iona Story

Posted: May 01 2017

Everyone has a story. It's the plot of this story that helps guide us to where we are going. Sometimes the story is glamorous, sometimes it's puzzling, perhaps even scary or inspiring; sometimes it's all of the above.


One thing that most people with colorful backgrounds have in common is that through the good, bad and ugly they wouldn't change a thing because it's made them who they are. I am more than certain that every part of my journey has contributed to where I am and where Evio is going. This is simply my real life "Straight-Outta-Compton" - although "Straight-Outta-Bougy Vancouver" sounds more like it; where we sing 'F*ck the rent prices' instead of 'F*ck the police'. And this story too has a happy ending. Like Dr. Dre we hope to one day claim our company is worth a billion and that its success only enables us to accomplish what this company was truly founded for - to inspire and giving back.


Many people are learning for the first time that $1 from every product bought from the Evelyn Iona collection is donated to YWCA Canada. Learn why this means the world to us by WATCHING THE EVELYN IONA STORY ;). 

Video by: David & Lucas


A lot of people -140 out of 250 to be exact - say that even though it's good to know that a portion of proceeds is donated, it does not mean much to them. I don't blame those who feel this way because it appears many have still not heard of YWCA  and the true impact it has on our communities.


About YWCA:


YWCA Canada is the country’s oldest and largest women's multi-service organization. With 34 Member Associations operating in more than 400 districts and communities across the country, our Turning Point Programs for Women™ - which address personal safety, economic security and well-being – reach out to 1 million women, girls and their families. YWCA is the largest national provider of shelter to women, serving 25,000 women, children and teen girls including 6,000 fleeing domestic violence each year. We are the largest provider of literacy, life skills, employment and counseling programs in the country, and the second largest provider of childcare services. YWCA Canada is a member association of the World YWCA which unites 25 million women and girls worldwide and spans 125 countries. For more information about YWCA Canada, visit www.ywcacanada.ca or find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/ywcacanada.


One day, we will get completely hypothetically naked, together; share our stories and shape our futures. 

Comment below to share your story. 



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