Seeing Yourself Through Rose-Coloured Auras

Posted: Dec 06 2017

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Magic happens in many ways. I would describe Evelyn Salvarina’s aura as magical. She emits an innate aura perhaps from the enthusiasm and excitement she has for her work. You see, her work is unique. Evelyn is the owner of Rose Aura and with the help of her old-school Coggins camera, a snapshot of your life is revealed. Your past, your present, your future, exhibited in a rainbow-coloured Polaroid.


I ran into Evelyn at a pivotal moment in my life. I had a feeling about what to do next in my career. But when I sat down for my first aura reading feeling a little apprehensive, it was confirmed for me. Everything I was feeling subconsciously, came out. Because our thoughts are our energy and our energy resonates into our aura.


What Is Aura?


Aura is your essential energy that surrounds you at all times. It’s rooted in our chakras. We have hundreds of chakras in our bodies, but we focus on the traditional seven: Root, Sacral, Solar plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown chakras. These different energy points rule different areas of our lives. Your aura is a combination of these different energy points. It’s always present and always changing. The camera picks up on that energy and the colours in the photo correspond to the chakras. Consider Evelyn your aura and chakra translator.


How Does It Work?


The Coggins camera, better known as an AuraCam, was invented in the 70s. The camera takes a 10-second double exposure as you place your hands on one of two boxes with biofeedback receptors. These receptors measure your electromagnetic field by monitoring pressure points that correspond to chakra and energy channels in your body. The metal sensors ‘read’ your aura. A few seconds later, the Kodak moment is captured. “It’s the energy inside of you that I just get to translate.” Says Evelyn.


What we’re talking about is essential life force. Better known in Eastern culture as Prana or your Chi, life-giving force. It’s been around for centuries, but only now do we have the technology to make sense of it and use it learn about our auras.


How Did This All Come About?


When Evelyn moved to Toronto from New York, she couldn’t find anyone that offered aura readings. She was used to going to a small shop in New York’s Chinatown to have her aura read whenever something changed in her life or she needed a moment of clarity.


So, she purchased the camera and researched and absorbed every piece of information about the camera’s inner workings, about energy, auras and the mysticism outside of us. “Everybody wants to know themselves,” she says. “This is a great visual way to check in with yourself and understand what’s going on internally. The photo is a nice marker of time. It’s your energy, frozen in time.


Why Does Aura Change Quickly and Often?


It depends on your mood and what’s going on in your body. Your aura is constantly in flux. “I can’t see it, but that’s why I have my camera.” Says Evelyn.

We have different energies within us and the camera picks up on that. It’s a good tool when you don’t know what the future holds, says Evelyn.

“I’m not doing anything crazy in terms of telling a fortune. I’m just telling you what all the different colours mean. People take that to heart and they think about it and what it represents in their lives.”


How Do I Get My Best Aura, Ever?


A combination of crystals and reiki help strengthen your aura. The combination of crystals, reiki and aura guidance add to the human spiritual experience. Meditate. Place crystals on the energy that’s blocked. All of these things go together symbiotically to create an awareness of who we are, and how we are.


~ Lori Harito // Lifestyle Writer 


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