Removing Your Makeup Consciously

Posted: Sep 06 2017

Removing Makeup Consciously

We all know the importance of removing your makeup every night.


In order to give our skin a chance to renew itself properly throughout the night, it’s important to leave a blank canvas so to say. Makeup wipes might be convenient, but they’re not the best environmentally friendly choice and not the most effective at getting that layer of sunscreen, foundation, and mascara off of your beautiful face. In the spirit of keeping our makeup removing routine as environmentally conscious as possible, here is a selection of makeup removers that do a great job at removing that stubborn grime while keeping your acid mantle intact and do not contribute to environmental harm.


100% Pure Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil is technically not an oil but a wax that perfectly matches our natural forming sebum on our skin. You can apply the oil on dry skin and massage it for a couple of seconds until the oil (wax) does its work on the stubborn layers on your face. You can then take a warm and wet washcloth and remove the oil. Rinse washcloth and wipe face again. Follow with your normal cleansing routine to get any leftover residue off.


Pro Tip: You can substitute jojoba oil for an oil that suits your skin type better. Grape seed, jojoba and pumpkin seed oils are great for oily and acne prone skin types, while dryer skin types would benefit from sweet almond, hemp seed, or sunflower seed oils. The only oil I would stay clear from is coconut oil because it has a tendency to solidify in your drain and cause clogs. Learn from my mistake ladies.


Chamomile Honey Makeup Removers by Wildcraft


If you’re not a fan of DIY makeup removers or are just not a huge fan of oils, you might like this gentle yet super effective eye-makeup remover by Wildcraft. You can use compostable cotton rounds to pour the product on and remove makeup with or reusable bamboo rounds. The makeup remover comes in a recyclable glass bottle that you can even reuse for decanting other products into for travelling.


Pssssst….. Have you tried the Natural & Organic Mascara by Evelyn Iona? If not, what are you waiting for? If yes, how amazing is it? I can’t get enough. I also appreciate the fact that even though it stays on all day, it is easy to remove.


Did I make you re-think those makeup removing wipes? Comment below to tell us about your favourite method/product for removing makeup. 


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