Positive Vibes Only

Posted: Sep 11 2017

positive vibes only

Life's too short. Positive vibes only, please.


Lately, I’ve been thinking more about all the ways in which we’re socialized to compare and compete with each other. Here are some habits I’ve been trying to incorporate into my life in order to move away from that social construct:


1. Spread the love


There are so many opportunities to make someone’s day a little brighter. It can be as simple as a smile or a genuine compliment - “love your shoes, girl!”; “you’ve got an amazing sense of humour!”; “your work ethic/confidence/diligence/etc. is inspiring!” We could all be spreading some kindness to each other to bring about more positivity in the world.


2. Ban the $#!*-talking


I’ve been trying to personally distance myself from bad mouthing - both controlling my own tongue, as well as avoiding the people that tend to spread meaningless gossip. Those types of conversations full of negativity and extremely draining; not something that is worth our valuable time. On the other hand, if we’re talking about someone's accomplishments and how amazing they are - bring that positive energy on!


3. Show genuine interest


Sometimes it’s hard to focus on others instead of ourselves. We become so involved in what we’re doing in our own lives, or the next thing we want to say in a conversation, that we forget to really lean in and show genuine interest in people. You’d be surprised at what you can learn when you make the effort to truly connect past superficiality. It leads to all kinds of wonderful things like deeper friendships, business partnerships or ideas, creativity, and self-realizations.


4. Give support


One thing that seems to be quite prevalent nowadays is how people tend to compare themselves with each other and try to “best” one another. It’s been said many times, but here it is again - the only person you should really ever compete with is yourself. Stay in your own lane, maintain focus, and continue to better yourself every day. As for others, if they have success in their life - give them credit! Show support to all the people you admire, and help build them up.


5. Grow your tribe


There’s nothing like having an amazing group of people to surround yourself with. The saying goes, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Whether or not this is wholly true is up for debate, but I certainly believe the people you spend the most time with have influence over your thoughts and actions. Wouldn’t you rather connect with more positive, driven, intelligent, kind, and all the other good vibes kind of people - as opposed to the opposite?


Mind you, I’m fully aware that all of the above doesn't work for everyone all the time. Sometimes we don’t get along with people, and that’s ok! But there are very few reasons why we can’t show tolerance and respect in almost any situation - just as there is no reason to spread hate or negativity over trivial matters. So here’s to leveling up mentally, physically, financially, spiritually - and any other way in which you see fit!


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