Expert Round Up: Items You Can't Live Without This Summer

Posted: Jun 15 2017

Evio Blog - Expert Round Up - Summer Must Haves

Summer is finally here and we got an exclusive list of summer must-haves from industry experts.

Welcome back to another set of our Expert Round Up, a monthly series featuring a variety of industry experts. This month, we asked industry experts to share with us their two favorite items they can't live without this summer. Including Mordechai Alvow (Yarok Founder), Darcie Crandall (ClarityRx President), Gregory MacDonald (Bathorium Co-Founder and President), and Deanna Utroske (Cosmetics Design Senior Correspondent). 

Join the conversation and share with us your summer must-haves in the comments below!



The two products to use this summer that are essential for your hair would be the Feed Your Sunshine Treatment, with a variety of oils from coconut to tea tree and black current. This protects you from the harmful sun rays and they condition your hair at the same time. The second product I would definitely recommend is Feed Your Ends, a leave-in conditioner. You can use it before the beach or before going into the pool. You can continue to wear it when you go out to get textured beachy hair. To recap the first is to moisturize and the second is to style.

Mordechai Alvow // Yarok Founder



We have a product that two in one, in fact, it's actually a four in one! It's our new multitasking product that has your stem cells serum for anti-aging, a luxurious moisturizer built into it, encapsulated pigment to give you a nice light coverage for the summer, and lastly it's a product that drys into a translucent powder finish. So it's really a go-to product for the whole summer.

Darcie Crandall // ClarityRx President



Number 1, my Kiehl's toner. My toner is everything, I spray it in the morning, afternoon, evening --- at all times of the day. Matte finish, absorbs oil, and refreshes your body. Number 2, Kombucha. I'm in a Kombucha phase right now. It's fermented tea and it's so great for your body. Bonus: My favorite flavor is Ginger Lemongrass.

Gregory MacDonald // Bathorium Co-Founder + President


Cosmetics Design

The summer sun makes everything seem alive with possibility, and I often find myself inspired to write more thoughtful or exploratory pieces than I get to when I’m covering beauty business news for  So I can’t live without my little green Moleskine notebooks, where I keep notes and drafts of the books, short stories, and essays that breeze through my mind.

And whether I’m home in NYC or away on holiday, I can’t live without sunscreen. Even under a floppy sunhat, there’s need for SPF. In my bag right now I’ve got a big tube of 50+ that I picked up at a drugstore in Barcelona some weeks back. I just love European drugstores.

Deanna Utroske // Cosmetics Design Senior Correspondent


  • Posted by Luke Grant on June 28, 2017

    Really love this article, after checking online and researching on my own and haven seen whats out there makes this article very special because it is well structured and it touches all the area of what will need on summer. Thanks for the great work

  • Posted by Laura Shaw on June 28, 2017

    Summer is here again, pondering on what to use so that summer will be perfect for you. Using all describe in this article will surely make life easier. Thank you for the article and making life easier through this article.
    Keep it up.

  • Posted by B on June 22, 2017

    Love this! I can’t live without my Evelyn Iona concealer…. and Ben & Jerry’s Late Nigh show ice cream pint <3

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