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5 Conscious Clothing Brands That You Can Actually Afford

Posted: Sep 18 2017

5 Conscious Clothing Brands That You Can Afford

Photo Credit: Everlane


Shopping consciously is all fun and games until you check your bank account and realize you cannot afford most of the beautiful clothing produced by sustainable companies. 


Cheaper alternatives to conscious fashion brands generally fall within the $50 - $100 range. This is undeniably more expensive than a $12 top from Forever 21, but the price difference is for good reason.


- Firstly, the quality is much better and will last you longer than one season of wear.

- Secondly, workers are being paid fairly for their labour, and health and safety regulations are taken into consideration during production.

- Lastly, the quality of the materials are often organic, less harmful to the environment or recycled - this can cost more to produce. 


I have rounded up my top five favourite shops that allow you to shop consciously without breaking the bank. 




Everlane has been referred to as the J. Crew of sustainable fashion. The online clothing startup identifies themselves as a modern supplier of basic clothing, with an emphasis on transparency. They share on the website exactly where the garments are made and break down the cost of production. In terms of materials, most garments are 100% cotton.




New Classics Studios offers unique silhouettes that can make amazing statement pieces in your wardrobe. Their clothing challenges the notion that contemporary designs can only be found in fast fashion. The website features numerous designers who all share the same belief in sustainable garments and ethical production. While you shop, you can sort the clothing by standards such as eco-friendly, fair trade, vegan and more. For the best deals, check out their sale section. 




Grana produces clothing with luxurious fabric like silk, but for affordable prices. The company credits their efficiency for the low price range. They ship fabric straight from the fabric mill, to the warehouse, and to the customer. Generally, most companies have to ship fabric six times before it reaches the consumer. They also have a note about social consciousness on the website that talks about the respectful and ethical treatment of employees, sustainability, and transparency. They have a beautiful section of silk pieces - my personal favourite is a 100% silk slip dress with ruffle detailing. It is only $100!




Made in a family-run factory in New York, Vetta creates incredible capsule wardrobes to show consumers how they can make the most out of each garment. For example, one wrap top can be shown worn three different ways and often times the clothing is even reversible - making it look like something completely new. All of the fabrics used are either recycled deadstock or sustainable fabrics that are biodegradable. Everything down to the packaging is 100% recycled.




If you are in the market for some new jeans, look no further. DSTLD comes in a variety of styles to suit every body type. The company has an edited colour palette of neutrals and blue denim. They use sustainable materials, natural dyes and eco-friendly practices in their production. They also cut out the middle-man to make the cost of their products more affordable.


Lastly, if you are really on a budget, hitting up your local thrift shop is a great way to find unique pieces, and give them a second life. Do you know about other affordable conscious brands? Let us know in the comment section!


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