3 Destinations to Explore on a Friendcation

Posted: Jul 05 2017


It’s that time of the year again where #wanderlust dominates our Instagram repertoire and all we can think about is the smell of coconuts and the feeling of sand beneath our feet.


Personally, I have travel on my mind all year long, constantly on the lookout for the next best place to explore. I’ve rounded up three off the beaten path destinations I am lusting over at the moment and outlined some of the best things to explore this summer with the best travel companions you could ask for, your bffs of course!

1. Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. It’s a city that is super metropolitan and bustling and yet gives off a leisurely vibe. You can explore the captivating architecture on one day and relax on the beach the next.


There are countless buildings dispersed throughout the city by the famous and oh so very different architect, Antonio Gaudi, enough to transport you into a fairytale world. You can take a guided tour and explore the inside Casa Batllo, and walk up a spinal cord-shaped staircase or pose with your cute outfit on the roof top of the building covered in colourful tiles that look like dragon’s scales. Hello, Daenerys. 

Food wise, Barcelona is THE place for sea food. Apart from the usual Paella, you can try fried or grilled everything from squid (Calamarso Fregit), to octopus (Popets Planxa), or prawns (Llagosti Cuit).


If architecture, beaches, and seafood aren’t your thing, Barcelona is a great place to get down and boogie at night. You can check out one of the best clubs in Europe, Opium Barcelona, or explore some of the less commercial places to mingle with the locals. Just be prepared to stay up all night as the night usually starts at around 3 a.m.


2. Prague, Czech Republic


Not only does Prague have the best beer of all time, the city is filled with gorgeous buildings and unexpected treasures on every corner. After you grab a to-go cup filled to the brim with Kozel (a popular brand of beer) you can czeck out the main attraction Orloj (Astronomical Clock), walk over Charle’s Bridge and explore the sights of the Prague Castle. This is a city filled with historical significance so get prepared to feel a little medieval.


A hidden gem to explore is a restaurant that offers traditional Czech cuisine in a setting that dates back to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Svejk Restaurant U Karla is definitely a must.


3. Budapest, Hungary


Budapest, the home of Omorovicza and paprika. It’s a strange combination but Budapest is well known for its thermal water spas (+ skincare) and paprika filled dishes. To get the full wellness experience you can visit Szechenyi Thermal Baths and soak up some much-needed minerals that occur naturally in the free-flowing waters.


Budapest is divided into two parts: Buda (the hilly part of the city) and Pest (the flat side of the city) --- city best explored without a preplanned itinerary. Don’t leave Budapest without tasting authentic Goulash and Dobosh Torte as well as seeing the Hungarian Parliament building.


What are your current #wanderlust destinations? I’m always looking for new places to explore.


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