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Evio Beauty Group is a family of organic lifestyle brands creating socially-responsible beauty products (& eventually apparel)  that are good for your skin, planet & community.

In 2012 our founder, Brandi Leifso lived in a woman's shelter at the age of 21. One year later she founded Evio Beauty Group
and partnered with the largest women's organization, YWCA. $1 from every product sold at is donated to YWCA Canada. We know first hand the importance of these organizations and are living proof of whats possible.

We're creating change with products that you use every single day, and not taking our selves so serious to shine light on a very serious mission; to create a equal future for women and girls. 



Being a small team, we work our booties off to ensure the quality of our product and always work to improve our experience and opportunity to connect with our tribe, YOU. Which has lead us to introducing the (drum roll please) "Cronut Que" to our hot selling Natural & Organic Gel Liner. Background;  When the Cronut was first invented, people would que up from 7am outside the New York bakery of its creator, Dominique Ansel. In an affluent society, where we have too much of everything, it is modishly refreshing and intriguing to not have what you want at your fingertips all the time; to have to line up in a "breadline".  This social observation holds a lot of irony to our story, being founded from our early days in the shelter. We are all the same, with the same opportunity no matter where society has pegged us.  

Fast forward and pick it up a beat, our natural & organic gel liner is in HOT demand thanks to a shout from Allure. So in addition to name dropping, we are dropping a fresh new batch only on the 1st of every month; get em while their hot. 

How it works: 

  1. Every month we make a fresh batch of our Natural & Organic Gel Liner.  
  2. You can see the 'FRESH STOCK' count go live on the first of every month HERE.
  3. Once they are gone, their gone until the 1st of the next month.



Found your new favourite concealer or primer that lets your skin breath and gives you a healthy glow? There is nothing worse than running out of it and having to settle for something else and risking a break out. Problem solved; you can subscriber to your favourite concealer and have it auto shipped to you every 4,6 or 8 weeks. Never be without your perfect match again. 




Join our Green Points Program by clicking the button on the right side of the page. collect Green Points by setting up an account on our website, sharing on facebook, liking us on instagram, referring a friends, leaving reviews, and for purchasing your Evio goods for your beauty routine. 

1000 Green Points = $10.00 
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